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« Eventually the rest of the emergency services arrived and we

‘There has been a huge increase in demand for vegan options as people have become more aware of healthy and ethical lifestyle choices. We have always had a couple of vegan options, but have decided to expand these and create a separate menu. You’ll soon be able to order any vegan dish on our savvy self service tills without having to make aspecialrequest.’.

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Lego has embraced a Facebook Messenger chatbot to help engage fans and aid consumers with gift indecision in the run up to Christmas.Ralph the giftbot has been created as a guide through the notoriously stacked back catalogue of Lego kits. He was built to capitulate upon Christmas indecision around gift-making and to give Lego an ecommerce foothold on the social network.James Poulter prada replica bags , senior manager, digital consumer engagement at Lego, said: “We are continuously searching for new and fun ways to engage with our consumers and shoppers. Chat bots are increasingly being used by brands to engage in the digital space, and in turn to drive sales. The Lego Group is one of the first in the toy industry to embrace this concept.”The bot has been developed as a streamlined experience where user inputs are limited to answering questions via on-screen prompts. Ralph the Robot asks users questions like their age, budget, and the type of sets they are interested in. A few seconds later and a slew of kits have been coughed up for purchase, complete with free shipping.This controlled environment has been designed where user inputs are limited, meaning that Ralph’s responses will be solely created to reduce friction from potential purchases on the social network. The tone is broken up with numerous Gifs of the bot in action.Genelle Holton, UK digital marketing manager, stated that Facebook’s market reach made it a desirable platform to host the bot on. Ricardo Caetano, global creative strategist at Facebook Creative Shop jensarentzen , added: « The Messenger Platform enables businesses to build experiences that facilitate connection with customers, create meaningful interactions and ultimately drive results. »Try the bot out here. It is featured in UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Poland.This article is about: World, Lego, Facebook Messenger, Chatbots, Digital, Brand

Meet Lego’s Facebook Messenger chatbot Ralph, a helpful alternative to bricks and mortar

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VLF Automotive With VLF Automotive's Destino, from left: Gilbert Villarreal, Bob Lutz and Henrik Fisker. Auto designer Henrik Fisker is joining former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and entrepreneur Gilbert Villarreal to create a new luxury sports car company.VLF Automotive is the successor to VL Automotive, the company spearheaded by Lutz and Villarreal that was launched in 2013.Fisker, who is set to launch the Force 1 sports car on Tuesday at the Detroit auto show, joins Lutz and Villarreal on the company’s executive management team and will serve as VLF’s head of design and technology.“I’m honored to become a partner in this automotive ‘Dream Team ,’” Fisker said in a statement. “With the management and financial skills of Bob Lutz, the manufacturing expertise of Gilbert Villarreal and my design innovation, we’re poised to launch an extraordinary company, as we seek to change the future of the American auto industry.”In addition to the Force 1 sports car, VLF will unveil a “refined” Destino supercar at the Detroit show.The company said today it will add jobs at its Auburn Hills production site as it ramps up production of both cars. It also said it expects to have seven dealerships in North America and “several” globally in 2016.Fisker sued Aston Martin, his former employer, this week for $100 million, alleging the automaker is trying to prevent him from unveiling the Force 1. Aston Martin told Fisker in a letter that the car’s design appears to be too close to the DB10, which it designed for the latest James Bond film.The refined Destino is powered by a 638-hp Chevrolet Corvette LS9 V-8 engine, and can reach an estimated top speed of 200 mph. It starts at $229,000, the company said in a statement.The Destino’s history is tied to Fisker.VL offered to buy Fisker Automotive, Fisker’s former electric sports car company best known for the Karma plug-in hybrid 1:1 hermes replicas , in 2013 as the company slid into bankruptcy.While it lost out to Chinese chassis supplier Wanxiang Group, VL began purchasing Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids, rebuilding them with Corvette V-8s and renaming them the Destino.Lutz was once a high-profile critic of Fisker’s vision of a luxury green-car company, saying luxury owners value performance over a car’s environmental impact.“Some ‘greenies’ are already hyperventilating on blogs over the obscenity of converting an ‘earth-friendly’ electric car to gas,” Lutz wrote in a post in 2013. “What they don’t realize is that their fanatical all-organic-tofu enthusiasm isn’t shared by the bulk of the luxury-car buying public.”The Destino is now built by VLF at its Auburn Hills factory.Fisker Automotive was renamed Karma Automotive in September.Automotive News is a sister publication of Crain’s Detroit Business. Related LinksPlastech founder Julie Nguyen Brown diesKarma Automotive to open Troy engineering and sales center

Designer Henrik Fisker joins Bob Lutz’s team to

jump-start new luxury automaker VLF in Auburn Hills

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Five reasons to say ‘yes’ to active adult living Active adult communities continue to be a draw for those 55 plus whether they are still working or retired. The category itself affirms this phase of living for those who are vital and active yet seasoned. The following are the top five reasons people choose an active adult community: The perks:..

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canada goose coats on canada goose outlet london sale Have got lots of work to do, but we have had lots of work canada goose outlet uk sale to do in the past and we did it. Cara shares rose 2 per cent in midday trading Friday.The news comes amid a period of sustained pressure in the industry for sit down casual dining restaurants.Market research firm NPD Group predicts overall restaurant customer traffic will remain weak this year, following a flat 2016.Quick service restaurants such as Tim Hortons and McDonald will see a one per cent rise in customer visits, according to NPD, and full service restaurants are expected to see a decline of two per cent in traffic.Before the 2008 recession full service restaurants had more than 50 per cent of the restaurant market, but under pressure from quick service rivals, their market share has been sliding since then, now accounting for 42 per cent.Cara has been scaling up in response, aiming to acquire strong brands while lowering its overall cost base. Since Cara merged with rival Prime Restaurants in 2013, it has closed underperforming restaurants and acquired new chains, most recently the 99 unit Original Joe Franchise Group in November.have completely transformed our business in three years, Gregson said, noting Cara restaurant count is up 48 per cent from 2013 and revenue has climbed to $2.04 billion from $1.37 billion.The company has also deleveraged its balance sheet, helped by its 2015 IPO, reducing its debt to EBITDA multiple to 2.1 times debt to EBITDA at the end of 2016 from 6.2 times debt to EBITDA in 2013.That will allow Cara to pursue more strategic acquisitions, said Gregson.The company is also growing its food manufacturing business. canada goose coats on sale

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uk canada goose The City Brake system will sense if a collision at low speeds is about to happen and apply the brakes automatically. There is also a 7″ touch screen display with loads of connectivity and a rearview multi angled camera fitted as standard in all models. The Honda HRV price will start at $27,990 driveaway for the basic model.. uk canada goose

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The other polymers are flexible, and can stretch under tension

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